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Monthly Soap Subscription Box Program

MyPureSuds by Pure Artisan All Natural Soap


MyPureSuds by Pure Artisan All Natural Soap is a Monthly Soap Subscription Box that conveniently allows you to enjoy the benefits of receiving your favorite  Pure Artisan Soap products on an  automatic monthly shipping schedule. It's about having what you love  when you want it. It's about convenience  and choice. You decide, we deliver. 

How does the monthly soap subscription box program work?
Place your order by choosing how many and which bars  you want monthly, You will be billed for and will receive your first  shipment promptly after payment is received. Then, subsequent shipments  will be billed on the last day of the month. Delivery and billing will be repeated until you cancel  your plan. You will receive your soap box each month within the first 3 business days.

Can your monthly soap subscription box be used with sales and coupons?
Yes, you can use one time coupons and sales advertised on the website.

Is there any obligation to continue in the program?
No. You may cancel at any time through your account. Once you cancel, you  won't receive, or be billed for, any future shipments unless the  shipment has already shipped.

Can I make changes to the number of soap bars I want monthly?
In order to change the number of bars you want monthly, the current  subscription must be canceled, and a new subscription must be started  with the desired number of bars.

What are my payment options?
You're able to pay with Paypal or with any major card.

Can I restart my cancelled monthly soap subscription box  plan?
Yes, you can restart your cancelled monthly soap subscription box  plan by going on the product page and re-subscribing. 

Customer Service:
If you would prefer to contact Pure Artisan Soap for additional  assistance or to request changes or cancel your monthly soap subscription box, simply fill out a contact form.